Water Saving System

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The Water Saving System is designed to collect rain and underground water. To be used for Irrigation, Toilet, Shower and Washing Clothes.

Down pipe from roof above

Rain water is diverted into the tank

    Method of operation:

  • Rain water is collected and also borehole water is pumped into the Tank

  • Full and Empty Water Level Sensors will control the on/off of the Underground Pump

  • A High Pressure Water Pump will pump out water from the Tank when flashing toilets or irrigating

  • With priority given to using the Tank Water, the Control Unit automatically selects between Municipal water and the Tank. 


High Pressure Pump

     Equipment required:

  • Water tank. Recommended 1,500 liter or more

  • Minimum and Maximum water level sensors

  • Underground pump

  • Pressure pump with pressure sensor

  • Valves (solenoids) with non returns 

  • Control unit 

  • In-line taps 

  • Irrigation controller (if irrigation is required)

  • Installation.

Electrical valves (solenoids)
Control Unit
Water System Installation in progress

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