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Gil Agranat 

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After completing my studies in electronics, I then completed my education at the University of the Western Cape. I established Inpulse Electronics in 1988 which operated for 22 years. 
In 2004 after completing a Construction Management course at the University of the Western Cape I started building as GA Building Projects.
We have since completed successfully 100's of buildings, renovations and repairs projects. I guess the secrete for our success is my understanding of the Client's requirements and our excellent staff that are doing the work

David Agranat

Operation & site manager

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Educated at Herzlia, Cape Town. I then pursued a carrier in Music. I completed my degree in Classical and Jazz Composition at the University of Cape Town.

I am now studying finance as a part-time student preparing for the CFA examinations. 

As a full time job I joined GA Building Projects for 2 main reason-: I love working with my Dad and I am learning the practicalities of running a business from the financing aspect. 

I love our staff which are both locals and emigrants. 

- Team leader



I was born and educated in Malawi, I then emigrated with my wife to South Africa. I am a hard worker and always believed that I have what it takes to learn new skills.  I was lucky to join GA Building Projects in 2017. As Gil's apprentice, I had the opportunity to improve my skills and earn the promotion to team leader.

I am proud of the knowledge and understanding I've gained so far.  

The secret to success is having a good nature. I hope to be an inspiration to anyone wanting to improve their education and career.  

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