Our Team

Gil Agranat 


Cape Town Builder

I studied Building Construction and completed a Construction Management course at the University of the Western Cape.

I founded GA Building Projects in 2004 and registered it with the NHBRC. We have since completed successfully 100s of building and renovation projects.
The secret to my success is the training courses to our staff, my understanding of the Clients' requirements, attention to details and our excellent building team.

David Agranat

Operation & Site Manager

Cape Town Builder

After completing my degree at the University of Cape Town, I joined GA Building Projects to become part of our family business.
I attended building and waterproofing courses and gained the practical knowledge and technical skills needed as a building contractor and home renovator.

I have excellent people skills to educate and motivate our staff. 

Kineuos Kondwany

Team Leader


I joined GA Building Projects in 2017.

As Gil's apprentice, I had the opportunity to improve my building skills. I also attended building and waterproofing courses that were arranged by the company, and earn the promotion to team leader.

I am proud of the knowledge and understanding I've gained. 

The secret to my success is being highly motivated and having good people skills. 

Waterproofing training - November 2021

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