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Nicole and Roland - De Bron

Nicole and Roland needed an extensive building renovation done. A seemingly reputable building contractor and home renovations company that offered an affordable price was selected. After completing about eighty percent of the work, the contractor disappeared. It was the Covid 19 lock-out. Nicol and Roland were locked out of their home.

To complete the work and rectify all the many mistakes, they invited GA Building Projects. GA Building Projects is a house builders specialist and a home renovations company. We also suggested modifications to the original alteration design and together with Nicole and Roland, we arrived at a most satisfactory solution.


Kauthar and Siddeeq - Parow

Kauthar loves her kitchen and enjoys cooking. She is also a teacher. Siddeeq is a successful lawyer and he is now working mostly  from home. Siddeeq and Kauthar are sharing an office.
Siddeeq and Kauthar were looking for a 'builder near me' company. They contacted GA Building projects because we are home renovations and house builders specialists.
The object of the renovation was to enlarge the kitchen into an open plan and open it to the rest of the house, add a scullery, enlarge the office and add an en-suite. Lastly, we also doubled the size of the garage.
The challenges were the low pitch roof and ventilation to the new builds. We all put our heads to the challenges and the result was what Kauthar and Siddeeq were hoping for.


K-Light Import - Milnerton

Eli and Kochava Kalmi are successful business couples. The business was booming, so they needed storage space and offices. 
They Googled 'construction company near me'. The Kalmis selected GA Building Projects for the job because we are building contractor specialists residing in Milnerton near the site. 
The Kalmis had their architect and we suggested using our engineer. This suggestion saved them thousands of Rands. 
We completed the building works without any incidents.

Addrian Lombard - Melkbosstrand

Adrian needed a home renovations company, expert in sizeable residential building projects. 
The project's initial aim was to enlarge the ground floor, modernize it, and add a top floor. We ended up adding a third floor as well.
The house is located close to the beach in a lucrative part of Melkbosstrand. The architect wanted to take full advantage of the view and location. You could run to the beach from the back garden.
The original house did not allow for simple additions. We had to demolish most of the interior walls. We built new walls. Only then could we enlarge the ground floor. 
We removed the old cement tiled roof. We prepared the walls to cast a concrete floor for the second story. An extensive, open-plan entertainment and braai area was built on top of the second level, creating a third floor. 
Painting will be done at a later stage.


Freddi Silengile -

Summer Greens


Freddy was looking to build and enlarge his property in Summer Greens. Nikile, for whom we built some time ago, recommended him GA Building Projects as a reliable and expert home builders with an excellent reputation. 
The project aimed to enlarge the lounge creating an open plan kitchen/dining room/lounge. Enlarging the lounge would have also allowed to enlarge and re-model the bathroom. 
The plans showed the entrance to the house through the kitchen. We advised moving the entrance to the lounge. It created a better kitchen design and better flow of the house.
The plans suggested removing the wall supporting the roof and installing a large beam. We didn't want a beam protruding from the ceiling. With our experience and with the aid of our engineer, we found a much better and cost-effective solution. 
To create an elegant effect, we installed a bulkhead with strip lights in the lounge.

Nikile Ntsababa- Sandrift

Nikile wanted to increase the living space and create an open plan kitchen/dining room/lounge. Nikile also wanted a look of grandeur for the front of the house. Unfortunately, the plans did not offer that.
Nikile was looking for 'construction companies near me'. Nikile contracted GA Building Projects as experienced home renovations to advise for a better and more cost-effective design than what was suggested on the original plans.
Gil took Nikile for a drive around the neighborhood to look at options. Nikile saw a house he liked, but it was very different from the plans. Gil discussed the design issue with the architect and he agreed to amend the plans.
Extending the roof was a challenge, as we had to support the existing trusses without having beams protruding from the ceiling. Our trusses manufacturer came to the party with a brilliant and straightforward design. 
At the back of the house, we built an en-suite with a dressing room. We also built a double carport on the side of the house.
Some internal brickwork and demolishing also had to be done to achieve the desired result.

Annamarie Bouwer - Brackenfell

Living in a secluded area in Brackenfell next to the pond, the Bouwer couple wanted to enlarge the kitchen and add a scullery. They needed a building contractor. We extended the back of the house so that it was not visible where the renovation was. 
About two years later, the family decided to enlarge the entire house forward by three meters. Contrary to the previous project, this one had many challenges. One of the challenges was supporting the existing and new roofs together. It had to be seamlessly attached. 
About two years later, the Bouwers called us again to replace the roof over the existing braai room and build an adjoining sitting room with a terrific view of the garden. 
The Bouwer couple were delighted with the result.

First project- building kitchen & scullery

Second project- enlarge the house forward

Third project- replacing and enlarging the roof. Building sitting area  

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