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Abdul - Walmer Estate

Walmer Estate is an up-and-coming part of Cape Town. The area is conveniently situated close to the city center, boasting magnificent harbor views. The architect introduced many features, taking full advantage of this unique position.

The new renovation is an exciting and well-designed two-story house with a large balcony overlooking the city and the harbor. 

GA Building Projects was awarded this project because we are house builders and home renovations specialists. We have many years of experience as a building contractor. With our knowledge and expertise, we advised Abdul on the most cost-effective solution to his building project.
There are many challenges, even for an experienced house builders, to achieve the desired result. It is an old house build with mud instead of mortar. The house is tightly sandwiched between the two neighboring houses, the outside walls are shared and great care needs to be taken not to damage the neighbor's walls. Building the second floor will present another challenge as we have to work on top of the neighboring houses.



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