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Cape Town

The Team

Gil Agranat - over 30 years in business.

"To achieve superior quality in building and design, I employ professional, competent and motivated personnel, who follow sound procedures and who are under constant supervision".

GA Building Projects is a professional building and renovation contractor with many years of successful track record.


Clients choose GA Building Projects because we build to a high standard.


Our professional staff include working managers, electricians, plumbers, brick-layers, painters and all other trades necessary to successfully complete the project.


We respect your property and pets. At the end of each day, we clean and restore your home to a living place.


We use only approved building materials and adhere to building regulations.


We guarantee our work for the full duration as required by the National Home Builders Registration Council. 


This means:

Quality Building, Guaranteed to Last


Simple but Nice

"Dear Gil, Thanks for the advice and changes that we have effected over the duration of this project. 

The end result has far superseded my expectations. 

Your business slogan “Quality Through Honesty and Reliability” is a testament to Yourself, your Company and the end product.

One final word: FANTASTIC.

Regards, Alan."