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"It is good to work with a contractor who lives up to their reputation. 

We would recommend GA Building Projects for all your building projects" 


Kauthar and Siddeeq 084 4408 487

15 February 2021

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"Having gone through pain after pain with other builders,

I can with all confidence say - 

Gil and his team are the best out there!" 



1 November 2020

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"I am impressed. 

Your work is of an exceptionally high standard

Thank you Gil"

Freddy Silengile

24 October 2020

Why build with Us?

You have heard of builders that run away with the money without completing the job.

GA Building Projects is a construction company established in 2004. We build in the Greater Cape Town area. We have built, renovated and repaired 100's of homes.

We have a long and successful track record. Please check our testimonials.

Our trained staff include all the trades to successfully complete the project. You will not have to deal with sub-contractors. We give you the complete turn-key solution you were hoping for.

You have heard of shoddy workmanship and incorrect building method.

Ask if there is brickforce every 4 courses of bricks. Are there tie wires tying the cavity walls 5 every 1m2? Are there the correct lintels above all openings? Is the electrical work done according to regulations? Was it a qualified plumber that did your plumbing installation? View our Disaster page to learn more.

GA Building Projects build strictly according to the building regulations set out by the NHBRC.

Are you confident that your builder is using approved building materials?

Cheap, non NHBRC approved materials are available in all the hardware stores. Your architect will never design your home using those! 

The quote you received from your builder is based on approved NHBRC material which is more expensive. Ask to see invoices of material.

GA Building Projects uses only APPROVED NHBRC material. 

Will every builder listens and adhere to your need?

We proud ourselves having extensive knowledge of the entire building spectrum. We listen to the Client's requirements and advise accordingly, applying a cost effective solution.

GA Building Projects will build your home the way you want it and no other way.

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